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‘Working together’

Whilst AWEBB is a progressive, ambitious and forward thinking purchasing consortium, we hold traditional values as the cornerstone of our business.

All our members are equal and what this means is that we strive to provide negotiation which every member receives the benefits from.

AWEBB is not merely concerned with administration; we work diligently for both Suppliers and our Members alike and by understanding the purchasing capacity of our group we are focused on maximizing the benefits available in growth rewards.

AWEBB is an independent negotiation body providing members with unrivalled security and confidence that they are part of a cohesive team that is working toward a common goal with shared challenges.

With over 130 branches across the UK and Ireland with many original members being part of our group for over 35 years we are proud of our heritage.

A primary function of any buying group is to use its collective strength as a tool to negotiate the best possible deal for its members. This usually revolves around price. However, at AWEBB we believe it goes much further than this.

The close relationships we value with our partners also ensures that AWEBB members remain at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, enabling the members to be quick off the mark when new products are brought to market. 


AWEBB members have inter-trading guidelines that promote unrivalled levels of national support and help offer independent wholesalers the ability to secure national contracts as a true alternative to the traditional 'National' networks. This service  known as 'ELECTRACENTRE' is aimed at Contractors and 'End- users'.


Unique and exclusive access for AWEBB members to ElectraCentre Distribution, this is the members very own National Distribution Centre at the heart of England in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

Owned by the members, and exclusively for the members, ElectraCentre Distribution is akin to having an extra 10,000 sq. feet of warehouse space and holding another £350k worth of valuable stock, reducing delivery lead-time.

The extra £350k of stock avoids problems with minimum order quantities direct from manufacturers, Take advantage of bulk prices, Improved cash flow, improved stock management.


AWEBB celebrate their 40th Anniversary at the magnificent Gleneagles on 9 & 10 September 2016.

AWEBB celebrates 40 years as buying force

AWEBB has reached a milestone – 40 years in business.

To celebrate its anniversary, an exclusive party was held at Gleneagles and Stirling Castle on 9-10 September. Across the two days, Members and Suppliers took part in a Ryder Cup-style golf tournament, and clay-pigeon shooting as well as enjoying the grand setting of the famous Scottish Spa and hotel. A gala dinner at Stirling Castle saw Rory Bremner give his take on current events and his spin on electrical wholesaling.

Mark Lambert, CEO, said the consortium's core values – equality, diligence, and maximising the benefits available in rewards – remain intact and drive the group’s growth. He said: “Forty years is a tremendous milestone and it’s the first benchmark we’ve celebrated.

“AWEBB would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Members and Suppliers for their valued support over the past 40 years.

AWEBB was established in 1976 by five wholesalers with a focus on keeping pace with technology so its members have immediate access to new products. In 2016, AWEBB has a UK wide distribution network of 75 member wholesalers across the UK with a turnover of £300 million.

In 2009 AWEBB joined the European buying group IDEE, with a turnover of €5 billion. The partnership gives AWEBB access to global suppliers, which provides wholesalers with market competitiveness and sharp pricing.

Members have generated five times the rebate return over the last seven years as a direct result of the consolidation program, it has been one key to the commercial success of the group, additional initiatives such as ‘development meetings’ which pre-empt the achievement of growth targets have also supported the groups success and new promotions such as ‘Vantastic’ where a Members’customer will drive away in a new van before Christmas are also driving growth.


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